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Clergy Shirts Men

Clergy Shirts Men

Clergy Collar specialises in clergy shirts for men. We retail and manufacture clergy shirts in over 250 colours and a variety of fabrics. We have shirts in many styles like Tonsure, Tab, Collar Attached, Neckband. We also make custom clergy shirts. Visit our website for more information. See links below;

Clergy Shirts for Women

Clergy Shirts for Women

We specialise is clergy shirts for women. We stock over 250 colours. Choose from pure cotton, cotton rich, Thai silk, pure linen, real denim fabrics. We have solid colours and stripes. Our clergy shirts for women are made in a variety of styles and collars. We also make fitted blouses. Visit our website for more information and to order. Worldwide shipping. See links below.

Made to Measure Clerical Shirts & Custom Clerical Shirts

We manufacture made to measure and custom clerical shirts. Prices from just £42.50. Choose from over 250 colours in pure cotton, cotton rich, Thai silk, pure linen, and real denim fabrics.

Made in just 3-4 weeks. Have a look at these options for custom clerical shirts;
  • Made to measure or standard sizes
  • Long or Short sleeves
  • Standard or French Cuffs
  • Different coloured cuffs
  • Fly fronted or buttons exposed
  • 4 different style clerical collars
Not all the fabrics are listed on our website. We have different shades of real denim, Oxford cotton, corduroy, various stripes. Visit Website

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Clergy Collar for Clerical Shirts UK

Tonsure Clerical Shirt

Clergy Collar have been supplying clerical shirts clergy collars, bibstocks, clerical shirts and clerical blouses since 1965. We are stockists for Hammond and Harper, Reliant, and Clergy Collar  (our own make of unique shirts and blouses). Our business carries large stocks and therefore ship very quickly, normally the same day.

We would love to hear your comments, experiences, suggestions, wants, moans and stories related to clerical shirts, blouses, collars and related products.

Reverend Young said...I would like to see some nice floral fabrics for ladies blouses and shirts, prferably made by Hammond and Harper. Thanks.

Jason Hasker said...I must say your new site is very easy to use. I received some clerical shirts from you last week and the delivery time is very fast indeed.I would like to see full clerical vests. Some of them in the USA are very snazzy indeed. Please try and introduce them.

Joe Thorpe said...
Clergy Shirts - Quality and History of Reliant Shirts'Reliant' is one of the brand names belonging to HR Denne Ltd. Our pedigree is steeped in history dating back to the mid 1800’s in the East end of London.The company started out as a collar maker to the ecclesiastical/clergy market and the city gentry of London city. The collars developed into celluloid collars by the late 1890’s as listed in the 1900 census.After that the natural progression was to make clergy shirts in addition to the clergy collars and by the early 1950’s the Reliant label introduced our quality clerical shirt range.Our range has progressed over the years and Reliant has a large stockholding over many colours and styles. Included in our range of Clergy shirts are: - Tab/Sic shirts in different height collars; Neckband shirts; Tonsure shirts; back fastening shirts; tunic shirts; Regular collar clergy shirts; Ladies clergy shirts. Today Reliant is a modern progressive brand, utilizing the most modern computerised stock control systems with global sales outlets and production control offices overseas to ensure our high quality standard endorsed by our ISO9002 quality certification.

Ian said...
I would like to see some "trendier" wear for us ministers. I normally wear hoodies around so I'd seriously like a clerical hoodie. I think other younger ministers would go along with that too. A gap in the market maybe?Ian (Minister of an urban baptist church in Manchester)
Clergy Collar reply...
Ian, I love the idea of clerical hoodies. I will look into this. Thanks.

Sue (Glasgow) said...
How about pure linen clerical shirts and blouses? I would also like to see a tartan clerical shirt. Does such a thing exist? Would be very unusual. I like the idea of a "clerical hoodie". Well done Ian. God Bless.

Claire Bass said...I like the Hammond & Harper clerical shirts and clerical blouses. My husband also prefers them. Nice to see the fine red stripe in the male and female tonsure shirts. Nice to see a female tonsure clerical shirt full stop! I would like to see more 100% cotton and in some different colours and styles. Very good website by the way.

Jim Olson said...How about having a US representative? No company here makes custom clergy shirts...and most of us are 'custom' sizes!
Clergy Collar reply...
We can take orders from the US and can ship worldwide for just a little more than UK shipping costs. Custom sizes take 8-10 weeks.

Patricia said...Having just survived Christmas the one thing I really could have done with was some sparkly clerical blouses when attending all those Christmas lunches. (I suspect that a fabric with a bit of give in it would most likely be needed!!)How about some in time for next Christmas - only another 354 days to go.

Just a comment to say thank you to for your help in my fundraising efforts. I am a Baptist Minister from Lode Chapel, near Cambridge, and am running the London Marathon on Sunday 26 April 2009. I wanted some way of being noticed on the day, and something unusual to help get the local/Baptist media interested (and thus raise more money) - and I came up with running in a clerical collar. Thanks to Mary Collings I have been supplied with a free bibstock which, combined with a black running vest, should work a treat. I am running for two charities:- Zambesi Mission, which is a Christian charity involved in humanitarian work and theological education in Malawi and Northern Mozambique (click here for more info or to sponsor me)- and Spurgeons College, a baptist college, where I recently completed my theological training, which is raising money for some essential building works (click here for more info or to sponsor me)As a customer of I appreciate your generous help with this fundraising endeavour. May God continue to bless your business and family.

Paul said...
It's a simple suggestion, but how about custom made in a decent 100% BLACK cotton. I couldn't see this in your list of colours. Black's going to be popular amongst us Catholics, and the better the material the more comfortable and easier to manage.
Clergy Collar reply...
Yes we can also do custom shirts in 100% cotton and the colours are black, grey and white. In any style. Thanks.

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